Chairman’s Message

You are welcome to have enrolled in the CLC for making the right career. Decision is a problem in the today’s competitive world;it is a dilemma which can only be resolved through adequate career planning.

At CLC we believe in the saying of Ravindra Nath Tagore,

“Where the mind is without fear & the head held high; Where knowledge is free....Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever- Widening thought And action into that heaven of freedom, My father let my country awake.”

We at CLC know how to nourish and nurture the mind of sincere, dedicated and devoted students to make them finally crack the target. We always believe in standing by our beliefs and never resting on our laurels. Because we seek to enhance upon what we have already achieved. But there are loftier peaks to scale. day after day, year after year. As you are moving on to the next level in the competitive life let these word linger in your heart which help you to live successfully…..from the inside out, it would look like this

“Willpower + Devotion + Hard Work + Guru’s Ashirvad = Success….from inside out.”

Wishing for your bright future!

Director’s Message

Dear Guardian and Student, Namaskar !

May Gurudev bless you with health and happiness! CLC Parivar is thankful to you for your faith and co-operation. Since its foundation in 1996 CLC has been working with the motto ‘CLC ka Sapna, har gaon se Doctor/Engineer bane apna’ and we are proud that CLC has the wishes of lakhs of well-wishers to accomplish this mission. With the blessings of Gurudev, the sincere efforts of Team CLC, dedication of CLCians and your faith CLC has created tremendous and unparalleled records in the field of Pre-Medical & JEE. CLCians at each and every Medical college, IIT & NIT of India are the ambassadors of CLC’s success. I pray only that our joint efforts and common wishes may result in the fulfillment of the dreams of our CLCians and their guardians. Thanks !

MD Message

Respected Guardian and dear Student, Namaskar !

CLC Parivar salutes your unflinching faith in CLC. We assure you that Team CLC will leave no stone unturned to maintain this faith. Started with just five students in 1996 CLC has now become a name that needs no introduction. CLC is known not only for results with top ranks but also for discipline and sanskars. You can be rest assured to hand over your ward in the safe hands of CLC. Let’s join hands to achieve our common goal- becoming a Medico or an IITian. Thanks !

CEO’s Message

Respected Guardian and dear Student, Namaskar !

Thanks a lot for your faith in CLC. I believe that if you want big gains, you are to undergo big pains. We have chosen a path that is not a bed of roses. Our goal to be a doctor or an IITian demands determination and dedication. Don’t let your will power falter. Have faith in your abilities and follow the system whole heartedly. Your sincere efforts and our experience and guidance will surely result in success. Thanks !