Chairman’s Message

Dear Guardian and Students

You are welcome at CLC portal, value based education has been the motto of CLC since its foundation in 1996. We are Committed to build responsible citizen for a better tommorrow. Children are precious gifts of God. We try to guide them to be good human beings along with teaching them to be medicos or IITians. Your trust in CLC is our greatest achievement.

Thanks a lot!

Director’s Message

Dear Guardian and Student

May Gurudev bless you with good health and happiness! You are heartily welcomed here at CLC portal. CLC was founded in 1996 not as a commercial set up, but as a mission to provide a platform for each student who dreams big and confident to turn their dreams into reality.

This mission takes a great success...based on the trust of thousands of guardians and students as well as our sincere efforts. It’s well-known that the trust of only 15-20% guardians turns into success, still the trust continues because the remaining 80-85% students are also satisfied as they learn to work hard and live life. A CLCian never fails in the battle of life even if he/ she does not succeed in NEET/JEE. We are committed to impart qualitative education, but with it only we and we are committed to provide round the clock care to each and every student.

We at CLC are committed to provide quality education in a highly competitive, congenial and healthy environment along with the best infrastructure. Our strength includes an esteemed faculty with proven track records in Medical Entrance and IIT coaching. The output of faculties teamwork is an innovative curriculum that helps to mold our students’ inborn intelligence at the highest possible level. We constantly revise and fine-tune our curriculum to match the demands of the newer methods of competitive testing. We believe that success does not mean the absence of failure; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives.

Thanks for your trust and co-operation

Managing Director’s Message

Dear Guardian and Student

Namaskar and welcome at CLC portal. First of all I congratulate you for your decision to choose NEET / JEE as your career goal. Though the path is not easy, the destination can be reached with dedication and determination along with the guiding hands of CLC. You can trust CLC for fulfilling your dreams of becoming Medicos or IITians through NEET or JEE. We value your dreams and make our sincerest efforts to fulfill them. If you are looking forward to a become a MEDICO or IITian/NITian, CLC may be a right platform. We are always committed to provide qualitative result oriented classroom teaching.

The devoted approach, hard work with scientific mythology of our team will provide students all possible aids inputs for grooming their career. If you are ready to take challenge in your life, we are committed to your excellent results.

I always believe that each one of us can shine whatever we undertake. We are here to mold students’ desire, dedication and determination to the path of success.

I cordially welcome you to CLC Parivar!

CEO’s Message

Dear Guardian and Student

A Cordial welcome from CLC Parivar…

If you are looking forward to become a Medico or an IITian/NITian, CLC is dedicated to prove your right choice. I say so because the experienced leadership of CLC knows the path very well and will guide you accordingly. Teenage has the fear of being misguided but at this point you may rest assured with us. CLC is a unique mixture of experience and updating. Our system lives with the students, lives for the students 24 hours throughout the session. Follow the system faithfully and you will never lag behind others in the battle of life. We have been and always will be committed to provide qualitative classroom teaching, updated study material and best parental care to our students. We invite you to visit CLC personally to satisfy your curiosity.

The price of success is sustained hard work, unflinching desire, dedication and determination. When we give our best effort that is what make us a winner.

Innovation is the mantra for building successful empires. We attempt things that could change students’ life in general and career in particular. Our team is always anxious to help every time at any time. We lend everything that helps the students to excel in their career. We are eager to see students’ succeed. Our true happiness is in seeing them achieve their goals.

Thanks a lot!

HR Message

Dear Guardian and Student

Namaskar ! Pinnacle must be aimed at but dreams along humility must stay in heart for the lasting success. We try to Provide an environment in which the potential of each student is polished and led to the maximum hight. We Can assure you that your faith in CLC will result in positive. Our Dreams are same. You have the potential and we have the experience.

Thanks a lot!